Vision Driven

Creating innovation, manufacturing, design, software development;
in everything we are involved in, our vision is of the highest importance.

Our vision is why we spend our lives doing what we do;
we believe that working towards that vision will bring about a wonderful world.

Our Solution

Vision formation / Project creation

Giving shape to vision - the key to creating innovation.

In order to create innovation, we first need to set a vision
which serves as a guideline for the creative process.

Sharing the team’s vision to forge a deeper understanding,
we conduct UX / UI concepts, planning, design, prototyping and implementation to create innovation.

Research / Workshops / Design concept / Design guidelines

Creating long-lasting concepts
that touch the hearts of users.

We conduct workshops to facilitate mutual awareness within the organization,
compare corporate identities and UX to ensure we come up with
design concepts that the target users will continue to love.

By reflecting all creative elements in accordance with that concept,
we create products that are not only beautiful,
but also easy-to-use, pleasant and consistent.

UX planning / UI design / Prototyping / Implementation

Pursuing beautiful design
that naturally fits into a user’s daily life.

With our UX / UI experience of various products,
we design products and services based on the users’ experience (UX).

Based on the created UX concepts, we conduct
UI planning, graphic design, prototype design to realize those concepts.
With a crew possessing diverse graphic design experience,
we create easy-to-use, beautiful user interface design everyday.

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We are “a company that helps our clients solve their problems”,
“a company that works together with our partners to create a new world” and,
“a company that creates by themselves”.
A company that creates beautiful worlds from all the possibilities of manufacturing - that’s ZEPPELIN.

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