Under ZEPPELIN’s vision, "We create beautiful worlds",
we are an organization that creates new experiences based on design.
“Beauty” doesn’t just refer to
how visually appealing the services and products we create are;
we want to create “beauty” that
relates to the lives of those who come into contact with our designs.
Instead of just building a satisfied community :
full of conveniences, saturated with materialistic goods,
we also want to treasure the beauty of simply living was humanly as possible.
By pursuing the value of “beauty” in place of affluence and convenience,
we want to give rise to innovation that will create future generations.

Message from the CEO

Seemingly endless inorganic concrete roads, signboards and billboards that overflow even into the tiniest of green spaces… the world today should have realized man’s ideals, but I feel that something is terribly out of place.

In our continuous pursuit of affluence, convenience and speed, we seem to have forgotten how mankind’s natural form should be. Based on that thought, I had the vision of “creating beautiful worlds” and established ZEPPELIN.

I want to create communal values based on idea of “less is more”; for everyone to reconsider the value of treasuring and savoring each and every experience in the passage of time, as I think that within those actions lie a sort of humanlike “beauty”.

To create an era when a single person’s thoughts on “beauty” can be turned into action - this, I feel, is the meaning of ZEPPELIN’s existence.

CEO Kohei Torigoe

Company Profile

Company name
Date of establishment
18th October 2005
Kohei Torigoe
2F, Harajuku Omotesando Building,
6-34-14 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-0001, Japan
Phone number
Fax number
Our banks
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Johnan Shinkin Bank
Vision formation, project creation
UX/UI development
Design concept planning
DENSO / FUJITSU / KDDI / NEC / NTT Communications / NTT WEST / NTT Resonant / SAMSUNG / SHARP / Sony / TOSHIBA

2F, Harajuku Omotesando Building, 6-34-14 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001, JapanTel : +81-3-6805-0925/Fax : +81-3-6805-0926

A two minute walk from Meijijingumae Station on the Chiyoda Line and Fukutoshin Line of the Tokyo Metro Subway.