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Charting a course alongside our clients.

We first start by getting an understanding of our clients current position; only then do we discern which direction we should head.
Akin to a nautical map, it is after planning which route to take with our clients that we embark on our journey.

UC Workshop

ZEPPELIN ascertains man's innate and universal desires,
based on which we conduct our development.

Our first step is to derive user experiences from the workshops we hold, and from there clearly define our goals.
Once we have confirmed where we want to head with a project, we shift to the process of developing.

UX Test

Conducting hearings based on everyday experiences as they are.

The one thing indispensable in a user test : the understanding of what users experience in their daily lives.
Through our UX tests, we listen to their feedback of an app or service, discern what features and functions the users really want, then seek ways to improve it.


Reconstructing user experiences to refine them into a whole new encounters.

What if the discoveries made during UX tests could be turned into brand new encounters?
What kind of experiences lead to things that excite users?
UX Architecture holds the key.

UI Flow

Connecting user experiences with layout & design through uncomplicated, engaging UI flows.

Take another close look at the blueprint of your everyday app. Is it designed to bring out its fullest potential after implementation?
In order to generate new user experiences, easy-to-understand yet attractive, interesting UI flows are necessary.
That's where our goal of "simple beauty" comes into play.

Design / Engineering

Simple yet cutting-edge UX & UI design / Engineering that realizes enjoyable user experiences.

We create attractive designs by paying attention to icons and lines right down to the last pixel,
and by conducting speedy engineering coupled with continuous improvement to actualize truly gratifying user experiences.


Listening to our users' voices, time and time again.

We know that our work doesn't end once a project does; that post-production is just as important.
By conducting user tests and listening to their opinions, do we get our first solutions to any hurdles we may face.
And even if we fail to get the right answers initially, we keep making improvements until we do.